Company Overview

7Cento HK Ltd is the result of 15+ years' experience of technical and engineering assistance with focus on cyber security. Founded in August 2018 in Hong Kong, 7Cento is part of an international project led by 7Layers SRL and Venticento SRL, with the final aim of providing its customers with 24/7 support from highly specialized engineers and cyber-analysts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the security of your company’s data, through the optimization and management of IT infrastructures, proactive assistance, IT security audits and anti-malware solutions, and to continuously monitor the cyber security status of your infrastructure through our international Threat Analysis Centre (TAC).

Our Priority

Our priority is to keep up with the times, to operate in a cohesive and efficient way, investing in the evolution and continuous updating of our employees' skills. Our next-gen Security Operation Centre (SOC) experts ensure constant availability, integrity, confidentiality and safety posture of your enterprise’s data.

We provide the highest quality professional advice in relation to customers' needs, proposing innovative solutions according to specified budgets and requirements. Our solutions are designed for customers who are ready for significant investments in IT, as well as for those who prefer to gradually develop their IT infrastructure or who require needs-focused interventions.

Worldwide Presence

APAC - Hong Kong

305-7, Laford Centre,
838 Lai Chi Kok Road,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
Hong Kong
+852 6460 9559

EMEA - Milan

Via Ludovico Ariosto 21
20091 Bresso (Milano)
+39 02 849 800 50

EMEA - Florence

Viale Centofiori, 2 - 50056
Montelupo Fiorentino (FI)
+39 0571 1738106

EMEA - Turin

Via Jacopo Durandi 10
20000 Torino (TO)
+39 011 19838670

USA - New York

115 Broadway , FL 5
New York
New York 10006
+1 347 918 3586