IT Infrastructures

We offer design, implementation, management and development of IT systems for any needs and budgets.

IT infrastructure plays a strategic role in any business. Efficient IT infrastructure management helps companies to achieve overall effectiveness of IT processes, policies, data, human resources and to improve the organization’s overall productivity.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper – converged infrastructure allows organizations to manage all IT systems such as processing, storage and networking in a single application. It offers multiple benefits, such as superior applications performance, easier scalability of functions, maximized simplicity of management.

Email Systems

Our team can assist you in the selection of the best solution for email systems on premise or in cloud according to your company’s business needs. We offer a high-level management of your email systems and a complete protection of your correspondence from any cyber risk using best-of-breed cyber security products.

Design and Implementation of Services in Cloud, Mail Migration from On-Premise to Cloud

Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services from any device. Our experts can assist with:
- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): to create and configure multiple virtual servers that run your installed application or services.
- SaaS (Software as a Service): software that is ready to use, usually using a web browser
- PaaS (Platform as a Service): functionality and utilities

Integration of Mobile Devices

The strong use of mobile devices and the BYOD option require full control of the corporate data with focus on prevention of cyber security risks. We offer centralized mobile device management through a single platform.

Advanced Backup, Geographic and Vaulting Solutions

Our portfolio includes backup solutions for any needs:
- Advanced backup solutions to help creating granular restore - files and information, precisely and fast, anytime it is needed.
- Geographic backup to allow companies to dislocate their information and applications, and avoid any physical risks related to their onsite servers.
- Vaulting solutions to allow for a faster and lighter primary IT infrastructure, automatically transferring massive or “old date” files to other locations inside the IT network.